Friday, July 2, 2010

You Can Ask ijustine About Roller Coasters & Big Eyes

"Hey, hey! You can ask ijustine!" That damn song has seeped into my BRAIN! Love ij aka ijustine, and from time to time she does a vlog segment called "You Can Ask iJ" where she answers questions put to her by viewers of her many YouTube videos. You can do a video response like the little dude in the clip above, or on her Facebook page or ask something on Twitter. She does respond - especially if you do something creative and get her attention. You never know, maybe she'll feature your question on her next installment of Ask ij.

You can follow my secret Internet girlfriend on Youtube by clicking the link above, or

On Twitter: ijustine
On FaceBook: ijustine on FaceBook
And there's also ijustine on DailyBooth

I just borrowed the pic on the left from ij's DailyBooth. It is the latest one she posted and I think she still hasn't recovered from the roller coaster lol.

And don't forget to check out iJustine's Awesome Blog.

And if you haven't seen her on the roller coaster at 6 Flags, here she is. Love the part about "doing a creepy smile" that becomes a scared face.

iJustine was at 6 Flags there with her sisters Breanne and Jenna (unsure who the dude was). Jenna is actually also on Youtube and her channel is itsmejennae so check that out too.

Some more previous Bradshaw's Blog posts & videos from iJustine that I've commented on.

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