Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tweet A Pic Of Your Dog & Win A Dog Water Bottle From CTFxC

I like this one. Charles Trippy & Alli Speed of CTFxC received a bunch of water bottles from a company called that they are planning on giving away to some of their viewers.
Basically, you need to follow both Charles and Alli on Twitter, and you need to "tweet a picture of yourself and your dog looking very thirsty" to both of these Twitter accounts:

@CharlesTrippy, and


There are several different ways to "tweet" a photo, but most people seem to use

And if you didn't notice Charles also got a vuvuzela in the mail yesterday. He posted a short video (and tweeted it) of him playing it. All the stuff they got in the mail was from various viewers. If you want to send toys for Zoe & Marley (their dogs), the address is listed on either Charles' or Alli's YouTube channels or you can go to their website called (of course)

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