Sunday, July 11, 2010

ZeFrank Gives A Seminar At VidCon

One of the best and most respected people on the Internet is ZeFrank and Charles Trippy films a small part of the seminar he gave at VidCon. If you don't who ZeFrank is "you're missing out" says Trippy and should check out his website called He has been called one of the most innovative and best in the field of online video for quite a while now. Ask any of the top youtubers about ZeFrank and they will likely tell you that he is one of their inspirations and that they love his stuff. Actually, in one video by one of my favorite youtubers, wheezywaiter, called Nothing You Ever Wanted to Know About Wheezy Waiter, he mentions that he had been watching a ton of ZeFrank's videos just prior to joining YouTube and that's why he started uploading videos in the first place.

Here's an older ZeFrank video on Youtube:

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