Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wheezy Waiter: Impressionable Clones & Handstands

It seems that Craig clones are prone to suggestion. The clones in Wheezy Waiter's apartment have multiplied during his absence to Los Angeles for VidCon and it seems to me that he needs a Wheezy clone wrangler. You would think that Ty The Regular Guy would have a handle on the all the Wheezys, but not to be. I guess Ty is too busy in his career as a coffee shop girl wrangler.

But it was good to see Craig getting some exercise. He needs to stay in tip top form in case of the Wheezy clones banding together and toppling him from power. But then again the clones don't seem too bright. After all they are just knockoffs of the original. ("Wait. Was that a slam?" Yes, yes it was.) And does Wheezy's tummy have a beard?

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