Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project Olga Kay: It's On!

Olga Kay is doing a fun project to involve her Moosh Army in getting the word out about Olga Kay. What she's doing is getting her viewers to write to her, enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope, and Olga will send you back one of her stickers with her face and channel info on it back to you.

She wants you to put the sticker on something that you own, like your locker or a book etc and take a picture of yourself and then submit it to her Facebook fan page: for all to enjoy.

One other thing: if you live outside the United States, if you want to have the Olga Kay sticker sent to you, you will likely need U.S. postage or the return envelope might not be returned. Or maybe you will need to pay whatever the price is for delivery when you pick it up at the post office if it arrives Postage Due.

Just don't be sticking the picture of Olga all over your city because we don't want Olga tossed into the slammer!

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