Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mitchell Davis Wants To Spoon With Olga Kay!

VidCon is almost over (just one day left) and weary youtubers need a place to crash. Michell Davis from livelavalive has been taken home by Olga Kay and supadupaflygirl (aka Elizabeth) and poor Michell is forced to endure Olga's fashion sense in bedwear. Olga Kay has decided that Michell should wear some African print moo-moo, that if Olga wore it she wuld get swallowed up. Where the heck did she GET that lol?

"Spooning Leads To Forking!"

Michell looks like he raided Olga's closet and found some funny pants that are sort of like pajama-bottoms, but they say "Spooning Leads To Forking" but it is something to wear.

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