Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top 25 Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers From Last Week

Since I compiled my list of The 100 Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers, there has been some changes and additions with some new channels making the top 100 and others dropping off. First a list of the 25 channels that have gained the most subscribers since I posted that list:

1. wocder777 gained the most subs of all Canadian channels with an increase of 17,234. Oddly, when you go to that channel it now says they have no viewable videos. Hmmm...
2. kidrauhl increased almost as many with 17,185 new subs for young mister Bieber's channel. He remains the most subbed Canadian channel and just broke through the 700K level. His channel is also 25th most subscribed worldwide.
3. NextGenTactics had a very impressive increase in new subscribers, gaining 15,945 and now sits at 91K. They are pumping out several videos a day for the gamers out there. They also jumped up to the 29th spot from 35th last week.
4. FLuffeeTalks also had another good week, garnering 11,570 new subs and is 66th most subbed in the YouTube world.
5. jonlajoie released a new video and added another 10,655 to his subscriber base.
6. R&B Group AHMIR had a sweet increase on their ahmirTV channel, increasing their sub total by 9,200.
7. shimmycocopuffsss also got some more subscriber love, getting 8,195 new subscribers on his main channel, plus a further 3,207 on his 2nd channel (see number 22). Shim remains solidly in the top 10 most subbed in Canada.
8. That madman from Vancouver, pyrobooby, also dropped a new video, trying to disprove that Chinese drivers=bad drivers. You'll have to watch it to see if he succeeded or not. Peter Chao nabbed 7,807 new fans on his main channel and another 5,850 on his 2nd (see number 10 below).
9. The trailers channel increased a further 7,306 and sits at 229K subs total. Sorta makes you want to do a trailers channel of your own doesn't it?
10. MrChaoNation, yup, it's Peter Chao again. He only has about 4 videos up on this channel, but people just can't get enough of The Chinese Guy. He's got both of his channels in the Top 10 Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers for the last week.
11. Vancouver native nayders07 is currently based in New Zealand, but right now she is partying it up in Jamaica with Charles Trippy, Alli Speed and other youtubers and sending back some great video of their trip. Nadine increased her sub base by 4,608. Of course being seen bikini-clad in a hot location doesn't hurt, but nayders also has been uploading interesting video from her trip to China. Check her channel.
12. jeyyounit11 I find boring and he hasn't uploaded anything new in at least 5 months, but if you like extremely juvenile humour. Don't see how he got 4,170 new subs and he's about to break the 200K subscriber mark. Seems to be a favorite of the "pre-teen market".
13. It is easy to see the appeal of emilyharder on the other hand. A talented singer, musician, BC-based 16-year-old Emily got another 4105 new fans and has about 55K subscribers total. If you want to support good talented Canadians, go to her channel and subscribe. DO IT NOW! She has a bunch of great videos and posts regularly.
14. charliejames1975 is the best for watching a hot girl working out lol. Lovely Zuzana is a certified fitness trainer and very easy on the eyes who will shred you if you try to keep up with her fitness training. 3,980 new subscribers found her last week and her channel is about to pass the 200K level.
15. ApprenticeA is an interesting channel from Corey Vidal. He just did a half decent take on Batman. His channel just passed the 150K level and got 3963 new subs this past week.
16. VeryTasteful odd and entertaining cartoons - Mr Tabobo! They increased by 3,387 new subs and now has 145K. Check them out.
17. Nanalew is one of my latest youtuber subscriptions and you should really check her out too. Interesting and slightly oddball. She's got 60-plus videos uploaded and just increased her subs by 3,314 putting her into the 100K sub club.
18. Mr TobyTurner is an odd duck who vlogs almost daily recently and has been climbing the sub list because of it. He now has 35K subs after getting a 10 percent increase with 3,250 new subscribers.
19. lisalavie1 is another singer on the list and well worth subbing. She was found by 3,240 new people in the last week, bringing her up to the 181K level. Very nice indeed.
20. ShimmyHeartsYou is Daniel Shim's 2nd channel, and getting one channel into the Top 100 is pretty damn good, but both of his channels are right up there in subs. His main channel (shimmycocopuffsss, number 7 on this list) is one of the Top 10 most subscribed in Canada this channel called ShimmyHeartsYou is moving up as well. He attracted 3,207 in this last week putting it over the 50K mark and most subbed in Canada.
21. Games is another popular video game channel. Personally, I don't have time for this sort of thing, but I do give props for better channels that do reviews of games and this is one of them. They have increased their sub base by 3,174 to bring them up to 75K.
22. MattG124 has new vlogs and offbeat sketch stuff every week or so. He's getting up there in subscribers as well with 154K following a nice 3,142 bump.
23. NurdRage shows a lot of different experiments and stuff of interest to your inner nerd. They had an increase in subs of 3,121 which is quite an increase as it pushes the channel past the 30K mark. Tons of videos on this channel.
24. Still haven't had a chance to check out David Spates' laughandpeealittle channel, but apparently some youtubers have been checking him out. He just got another 3,074 new subs. I'll review him down the line.
25. And he's at the top of the Top 25 Most Subscribed In Canada list and at the bottom. It's justinbieber of course. This channel says it is for Bieber's non-singing videos and hasn't been updated for a year, but hasn't stopped all the little Bieber fanatics from subbing in the hopes Justin might just post something new. He probably won't because from what I hear, he's a little busy these days. That doesn't stop the messages being left by Bieber fans on the channel that are ALL marked as spam saying how much they adore him etc etc. He still received another 2,968 new subscribers to this channel plus the 17K who subbed to his kidraul main channel on YouTube.

Who Dropped Off The Top 100 Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers

One surprise was that number 85, t2ssubs had their account suspended by YouTube. I don't know why, but until they are reinstated, they are off the charts. Also, CelineDionTV (yawn) dropped out of the top 100. All that channel is about is tracks of Celine Dion and lets just say that it doesn't really play well with todays young music downloading maniacs. Not that I'm trying to slight Dion fans, because there are a number out there I guess. Another that was off the grid was AngelicaV1 who is also a singer. She got the elbow off the list because of the new ones passing her.

I'll get this list updated again at the end of next week and have a FULL Top 100 list after that.

Also, you might want to check out my post about The 100 Most Subscribed UK Youtubers. I'll be adding regular updates like this one for UK-based youtubers and I'm considering adding one for Australia as well.


  1. Toby Turner is American

  2. I was thinking that when I put the list together, but he was listed in the Canadian Top youtubers. He'll be out when I update it this week. I took a quick look and he is no longer there. Musta been a YouTube glitch. Thanks.


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