Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shay Carl Attracts Crowds Of Fans At VidCon

If there's any question that Shay Carl is popular on Youtube, just wait til the end of the this clip when Shay is mobbed by youtubers at VidCon. Before that, we see Shay & Katilette lurking in the back of a panel where youtubers are asking questions of some of the most subscribed people like Michael Buckley, Phil DeFranco, ijustine, TheWillofDC, and I think it was Danny Diamond (hasn't really uploaded much in about 2 years, but really in with TheStation's crew), and daneboe (the dude behind The Annoying Orange).

Later we see Shay and a whole gaggle of youtubers at midimafia's house. Just a LOT of familiar faces mingling around. Don't you wish you were there now? That hot girl Shay was talking to out by the pool before the guy jumped into the pool is trickniks, who just recently became a Youtube Partner. Check out her channel in the link above.

and of course, at the end Shay is signing autographs, posing with fans of the Shaytards and just being a good guy for the folks attending.

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