Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ask ijustine And A Bad Case Of The Nom Noms

Hey, thanks IJ! Thanks a lot! Now I have that darn "Nom Nom" song stuck in my head too. If you are unfamilar with Ask IJ, this is where (Nom Nom Nom Nom) viewers get to ask ijustine a question and she later answers it. Where can you ask IJ a question? Well, (Nom Nom Nom) I'm glad you asked!
(Nom Nom Nom Nom)

Or you could wait for her next visit to the local Apple store and ask her then. Just go to one (or all) of the various social media sites and like, befriend and follow to your hearts content and then ask the question that you've been yearning to whisper in her ear. Right now my question is "Why did you have to tell me about that blasted Nom Nom song?" (Nom Nom).

I think I know the cure for getting this song outta my head - keep playing the beginning of this video over and over and listen to the "Hey, Hey, You Can Ask IJ" song. Better? I think it worked for me!

(Nom Nom Nom) Rats!

Here's the FULL Nom Nom song. If it stays in my brain, it stays in yours too. :)

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