Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Channel By LinzLoves

Here is the first video by LinzLoves. She explains what her plans are for the channel and is asking for suggestions and ideas. She already has 15,701 subscribers! Linz is the girlfriend of Phil DeFranco, one of the top Youtubers (his main channel is sxephil which has well over a million subscribers).

Phil put a link to Linz' new channel and a bunch of his subs quickly spotted it and subbed - myself included. Although a lot of her subs are curtesy of Phil, mostly out of curiousity, Linz has been on Youtube before and has been seen in the background of several of DeFranco's videos, and many youtubers have wondered who the heck is the hottie Phil's so smitten with. I've seen several videos where Phil and Linz go to a social event filmed by other famous youtubers like Shay Carl or ijustine and you see glimpses of the elusive Linz but never really get a chance to get her on camera TALKING.

That is what this channel will likely be about - as she mentions in the video above. She also mentioned that she had set a personal blog at Her blog will primarily be her opinions about what she thinks about products or experiences she should try and then let readers know what's worth checking into. She suggested one idea of her enrolling at a trapese school which should prove interesting to see. And she promises a video with another of my favorite youtubers, Olga Kay (did you know that Olga has the Internet by the balls?).

I'm looking forward to seeing what Linz brings to the table. She does seem able to speak in front of a camera in a coherent manner without too many ums and uhs and is obviously attractive (always a plus).

Must admit I saw her new video in my dashboard and thought for a split second "Who is this pretty girl I subbed to?" and then realized it was the long anticipated first video and quickly clicked to watch. It does seem to me that most of what she will show will be more targeted to the female audience of Youtube, but that does kinda work like a yin/yang with Phil's style which I think is more for a guy's tastes (boobs - we like'm). She's got that first video under her belt so I'll give her a chance and wish her much success.

Here's another video that came out earlier this month where Phil sorta interviews Linz:

Plus she is apparently a bigtime baseball fan (as you can tell by the 2nd video). If you want to follow Linz on Twitter, her handle is Linzluvs.

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