Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lisa Nova Does Kim Kardashian!

Sorry for the misleading title lol. Actually, LisaNova is dressed as "Kim Kardashiann" (and looks mighty hot as well) in this take off of Keeping Up With The Kardashianns. The video is Lisa's look at the Kardashians.

Yes, that's hiimrawn as "Khloe" which seems appropriate casting IMHO. "Kourtney" is played by yummy Nikki Limo, who I just spotted in one of the recent Shaytards vlogs attending a party at VidCon and just subbed to her.

Lisa Nova just keeps cranking out these funny clips of various stars and celebs and is something of a chameleon with her various characters like Molly, and that chick from The Batchelorette etc. Some of the others in this video are the MILF-tastic ceciley (who also played Nova's Mah Billie in the Molly series). And the dude playing Scott Disick is thebdonski another regular from The Station's group of performers, so make sure you check all their channels and sub of course.

Below you'll find outtakes from the making of "Keeping Up With The Kardashianns".

And I almost forgot to mention that KassemG plays Peter Jenner and Steve Green is the a little too proud pappa of the dysfunctional clan, Bruce Jenner.

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