Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meekakitty Remembers VidCon Hijinks

The redheaded wonder Meekakitty shows you her perspective of the recent VidCon with a new travelling technique called SpinJumping, where you jump & Spin (duh), and where you land, that's where you are. Pretty simple concept, but apparently hard to accomplish.

In case you don't know who Meekakitty is, she is the redhead in a lot of the Breaking NYC videos, usually giving Ray William Johnson an appropriate amount of trouble, but Tessa has been on Youtube on her own channel since July 2006. Clocking in at 432,714 subs herself (not too shabby), Meekakitty is hovering around the 53rd spot on the most subscribed of all time list - and one of the top female youtubers evar!

Here's an interview that ROCKETBOOM's Molly had with Meekakitty, ijustine and Brittani Louise Taylor called VidCon 2010: Ladies of YouTube. Meekakitty explains how she started out on YouTube. And in case you didn't hear she also won a ton of cash for college in a contest last year (look for that video on her channel).

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