Saturday, July 17, 2010

Elmify: One Of My Latest Favorite YouTubers

I spotted a tweet by Meekakitty that all her subs should check out elmify who is relatively still new to Youtube. So, being the mindless drone of the redhead from New York, I thought I would check Elmify out. I watched the video above. Immediately subscribed. I thought she was quite funny and I'm sure you'll like her slightly warped sense of humour as well.

Elmify has 4,221 subs and will attract more. She has been on Youtube since September 2009 and has uploaded 28 videos. I just spend the better part of this afternoon watching ALL of them. She seems to be a bit of a natural in front of the camera and can jump easily between several versions of herself at different ages (she's 5, 11, 15, herself in the present, and herself as her own personal fantasy).

Poor Elmify as herself living her fantasy life unfortunately leaves alot for her to be desired because although she has realized her dream to appear on the television program Saturday Night Live, she is just a "featured performer" as opposed to a regular cast member. And her romance with SNL's Andy Sandberg has hit a bit of a snag as Sandberg doesn't seem to be reciprocating her feelings. It's like she's only a bit player in her own fantasy life.

Really watch all her videos from start to the present day and you will arrive at the same conclusion I have: I want more! She has a funny, sarcastic wit (that I love), that she usually turns onto herself and verbally spars with herself at different ages. Trust me, you'll like it.

Here's one of Elmify's videos from 4 months ago:

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