Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Old Spice Man Responds To PhillyD, Alyssa Milano & Others

lololol at these video responses from the New Old Spice Man to various celebs. Phil DeFranco had tweeted that "The New Old Spice ad is cracking me up" and got the response back in video form from the half-nekked dude. Honestly very funny and effective form of advertising to incorporate responses like this.

Not only did PhillyD get one, but the luscious Alyssa Milano, Justine Bateman and others were also given some Old Spice love from the company. Here's Alyssa's video:


He also replied to Perez Hilton, Kevin Rose (internet guru, if you don't know him), Olympic skater Apolo Ohno and actress Justine Bateman. I must admit to something of a hetero man-crush on the guy for doing this. Sheer genius.

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