Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spricket Had An Colorful BlogTV Show

I went on BlogTV last night and stumbled into spricket24's broadcast and whoa man, does that girl know how to put on a show! I go there and first of all she wasn't talking for about 15-20 minutes - it turns out she was watching True Blood and would occasionally stare at the screen (I was beginning to think it was a Magibon video), but then she pulled out a blue sharpie...

And you can see the results. Spricket also offered her old ipod (after giving it a "personal buffing") and signing it "With Love For Ever & Ever" and signed it Spricket24 & Karen Alloy. She then proceeded with the bodyart and I couldn't believe it when she wrote on her neck and face. At that point she pretended to just notice it was permanent marker lol. She had some stuff she has to work through (more of a personal nature and I won't discuss that here), but it was intriguing to get a glimpse into her life that I wouldn't have had if I hadn't logged into BlogTV tonight.

Also she announced that Michael Buckley (from WHATTHEBUCKSHOW) was actually her baby's daddy! YouTube SHOCKER! lol. Not really true, but she was joking about that when she heard Buckley was also on BlogTV at the same time. This is only the second time I've had a chance to catch her on the website and her shows are ALWAYS fun. She's just so damn sexy first off, but she's plays that off well and loves to laugh. Unfortunately I don't think she recorded the show because THAT would certainly generate a lot of views. And man, do I ever wish I was that ipod.

She then posted the picture on Twitter - follow her at @KarenAlloy.

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