Monday, July 19, 2010

Phil DeFranco Gets Naked With Brittani Louise Taylor!

No he doesn't, ya pervs. Phil DeFranco is just hanging out with another highly rated youtuber, the lovely Brittani Louise Taylor at the start of today's Vloggity. It's aways interesting how all the people making videos for YouTube seem to know one another and appear in each other's vlogs. All I can say is run, Brittani, run! I kid because I can (I have a blog so I can say just about anything I want, nayner nayner).

If you are subbed to Phil (and if not why not) then you know he is trying to become a svelt, lean, mean vloggin' machine and trying to drop quite a bit of weight. He calls this: "Operation Lose An Olsen Twin" and so far he has lost 8 pounds, which is pretty good. Phil is a large dude (over 6 feet tall) and was weighing in at 245 pounds. His goal is to shrink himself to about 185 which is a good weight for someone his height.

Phil also bought one of those P90X course, tried it and vlogged about his results. He couldn't do several of the exercises fully because he didn't have some of the equipment that he needs (pushup bars) and hasn't had a chance to install the chin-up (or pull-up as some call it) bar.

On a personal note, I am alway trying to drop some weight, but not to Phil's extent. I a mere 5 foot 8 inches tall and a shade over 200 pounds (don't call me fatty, ...sniff) but I am a little more solid as I've done weight lifting for quite a few years off and on. What I'm doing on my own exercise front is cycling - 1-2 hours a day, and I just started running a mile each morning as I plan on entering the local Terry Fox 5K this September 19th.

"But what about Phil DeFranco getting nekked?" I hear you asking. He doesn't get undressed and flash little PhillyD, he shows a picture of himself from several years ago where he is showing off his mid-section. Best of luck Phil. I think he'll do it.

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