Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blogmeister (Blogmistress?) Jessica Knows Plumbing & YouTube

Jessica Gottlieb is someone I follow on Twitter and I spotted that she had just uploaded the above video to YouTube, so I thought I would surprise her by reviewing it. Jessica is actually a blogger herself, and her blog at jessicagottlieb.com where she gets to rant/cajole/answer any number of topics. She also has a YouTube channel (link above), and currently has 103 subs. She has posted about 60-70 videos in the last year, with most posted within the last 6 months. That's showing a lot of dedication and I think given some more time, Jessica should be able to get more subscribers on YouTube as well.

The video shows what you can do to remedy the situation that could occur when you dump a bunch of rice or just about anything down the kitchen drain. Ya gotta love a woman who knows how to fix her own plumbing problems, and is willing to jump in there and get it done herself. Who needs some sweaty dude flashing butt cleave lurking under your sink?

I took a look at some of her other videos and the one below she descibes her experience attending VidCon (and being mistaken for the mother of
Ben Hughes from "ObviouslyBenHughes"). Very cool that she went to the L.A. event and hopefully I'll see her at the next one.

One thing that really raised Jessica's stock in my book is that she mentioned she was subbed to Wheezy Waiter who, if you follow Bradshaw's Blog, you know that he's also one of my personal favorites on YouTube.

Jessica can also be followed on Twitter at JessicaGottlieb where she has over 15,000 followers. So if you follow Jessica on Twitter, you should probably also sub to her on YouTube and get her subscriber numbers up to where they should be!


  1. You are just too kind.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Not a problem! As soon as I heard you say that you liked Wheezy Waiter too, I thought okay, that's it. She gets a mention.

    Also, although I cover a lot of the youtubers who have massive subscriber bases, I think it's very important to promote and discuss those who have smaller sub totals.


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