Sunday, July 18, 2010

KevJumba Returns! $4,075.32 Raised By JumbaFund

I spotted KevJumba hanging in the background of a lot of VidCon videos and he's back after an extended vacation of sorts to let us know about the JumbaFund which has raised $4,075.32 for charity.

There's rumors Kevin was in The Amazing Race, but he of course, cannot tell us where he was or what he was doing - except picking up the epic Bruce Lee poster behind him in the video. And fans of his dad aka PappaJumba were happy to see Kevin's dad once again. That dude cracks me up. What song do you think he will sing next?

It's been 2 whole months since we last saw KevJumba, so hopefully he'll be posting regularly once again. In case you don't know about his blog, I've put a link in the section on the right so you can keep up with what's going on in the world of KevJumba. You'll find it on the right way down the page, along with other great blogs by youtubers like Phil DeFranco, LinzLoves and Nalts' "Will Video For Food".

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