Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wheezy Waiter: How to Become World Famous On YouTube Overnight

Aha! So that's it! The secret to becoming the next YouTube sensation is to stand outside in a hotdog costume, spin a globe on your head and quote Shakespeare. Me, I've been doing that EXACT SAME THING! Only I've been quoting Charles Dickens (he's such a hack). Oh, and having a camera might help too. Otherwise, all I get is strange stares from the neighbors, but that's not unusual. I did make $1.25 from kind passers-by which is nice.

Actually Wheezy Waiter did let us know that his own success hasn't been overnight. He had a grand total of 32 subscribers after posting 100 videos. Wow. I haven't posted ANY videos yet and I have 17 subs. Yes 17 brave souls have subbed to my channel (DellBoy010 if you want to get in on the ground floor). Right now I have more than half the number that Wheezy had after doing all that work to upload 100 videos. Actually go to his channel and watch them all and you'll see the changes he and his channel have gone to get to this point.

With ordinary talent & extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable - I just like that quote :)

I'm not saying Wheezy has ordinary talent (although he might surely disagree), but like he said, he kept on making videos and slowly build a fairly decent following. It's just been recently that so many other folks are discovering that he is a very funny dude. It was only around mid-June 2010 that he hit the 100,000 subscriber mark (see: Wheezy Waiter Says Thanks To 100,000 Fans & Quits YouTube!) and in the time since then, he has 114,581. So he is well on his way to making it to the 200,000 level.

He now has 350 videos on YouTube. That is a lot of work in order to become an overnight sensation on YouTube. Be like Wheezy (I'll bet he never expected to become an example of what to do to become famous).

Have you seen the Wheezy's commercial for the Ford Fiesta?

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