Saturday, July 24, 2010

John Green On Snooki - Sorry 'Bout That Image John

I just watched the latest video from the vlogbrothers, with John Green replying to his brother Hank Green about Hank's run in with semi-celeb Snooki from the terrible TV show called Jersey Shore. I'll show Hank's video below.

John, like most people, are sort of "aware" of Snooki, one of the cast of Jersey Shore, that is all about "Ginos" and showing off their abs and scorin' with the hot chicks. Just your basic teen fodder for the hormonally abundant and intellectually-challenged. Hank had run into Snooki at an airport when he was returning from VidCon and was telling John about how Snooki was "perplexed" that someone had asked Hank for an autograph while she was in the room.

John decided to check out Snooki's Twitter account (she's at Sn00ki <-- how clever of her to use double zeros to indicate big boobs) and John is troubled by what he finds. Surprisingly she is something less than a good speller.

Snooki tweets: "Everyone please stop having heart attacks when i miss an apostrophe or coma or period. Dont wanna pop a blood vessel in your eyeballs :)

"First off Snooki, I shouldn't be the one concerned when you miss a period"

And John replies with the above quote. Classic John Green lol. And "coma"? What part of grammer includes a coma? Maybe when I was learning basic grammer I might have wished I was in a coma rather than sitting in Mrs Kerfuffle's English class, but I at least learned how to spell comma.

Hank discusses his meetup with the infamous Snooki. Best line by Hank: "And if you don't know who Snooki is... then as far as I'm concerned, you win." lol.

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