Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Pi Approximation Day! Wheezy Waiter Is A Dork

Yesterday was "Pi Approximation Day" according to Wheezy Waiter. In case you don't know what Pi Approximation Day entails, yesterday was the 22nd of July and with July being the 7th month and you divid 22 by 7 you get about the value of Pi = 3.14.

Actually, according to Wikipedia, the source for all my brilliant commentary, March 14th is also celebrated as a day to celebrate Pi as the 3rd month, 14th day, hence 3-1-4 <-- see? It's Pi too. Of course, how do you plan on celebrating Pi Day when it next comes around? Me, I'll have some pie. Possibly Apple for wholesome goodness. Or strawberry-rhubarb if I'm feeling a little tarty. Sharp Dressed Monkey

You may notice that Wheezy is looking particularly dapper in this video. That is of course due to his taking fashion advice from the monkey in the suit (or rather, from the picture of the monkey in a suit). That is one sharp dressed chimp.

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