Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't You Just Hate Meghan Tonjes?!

I cannot believe that Meghan Tonjes could be sooo mean as to deny those that attended VidCon from basking in her presence! Using the uber-lame excuse of having a major back injury (ph-shaw!), Meghan aka tonjesml was unable to attend VidCon, but her friend and co-conspirator of projectlifesize, Gretchen was able to round up a cast of social misfits and other youtubers to hurl some much needed abuse Meghan's way for her decision to bypass THE YouTube event while claiming medical reasons for her absence.

Everyone at VidCon now realizes that Meghan is such an elitist because she is nearing 100K subs (91462 and counting) and is probably just kicking back with her guitar and thumbing her nose at those losers who actually turned up in L.A. for the big event. Take a listen to one of her recent videos and you be the judge:

Okay, I can't keep slamming Meghan's character anymore. Actually Meghan is a very talented musician and singer and should have 10X as many subscribers as she currently has. Really, SUB this girl. And as a sidenote, I couldn't make it to VidCon either, but not for any medical reasons - well maybe because of a wallet-ectomy I suffered due to my recent bills. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet her at NEXT year's VidCon if there is one, but in the meantime I'll get to listen to her terrific music, as you also can.

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