Monday, July 12, 2010

Shaytards Q & A at VidCon In 3 Parts: Because Of The Extra Shay

Before the Shaytards come to answer questions, TheWillofDC lets us know the the vlogbrothers had just jumped up the alltime subscribers list into the top 100 (very long overdue IMHO). Then out trots The Beard That Walks Like A Man, Shay Carl, along with his hot wife, Katilette to answer some questions from VidCon attendees. These three videos were posted by SuperInternets who has many more VidCon videos of other big name Youtubers who spoke at VidCon (check out Phil DeFranco among others).

The dude running around getting people's questions for Shay & Katilette is of course the one, the only, Mr KassemG, who does a great job. I of course only wish it could have gone on for a bit longer (That's what she said).

What I really liked about this third clip is that Shay acknowledged one of my own favorite youtubers, Wheezy Waiter. Shay mentioned Wheezy having tweeted about being able to quit his fulltime job and just make videos as his job. That is AWESOME. I'm on Wheezy's twitter (that's sounds dirty) but in the flow of all the tweets I get, somehow I missed that. So a shout out to him is in order. Also Wheezy hit 100K subs as mentioned in this post Wheezy Waiter Says Thanks To 100,000 Fans & Quits YouTube!.

But back to Shay and the lovely Katilette. My only criticism is that Katilette didn't get a chance to answer some more questions. Still cool to see them there and of course Rocktard putting in a cameo appearance - along with his stunt double.

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