Monday, July 12, 2010

Brittani Louise Taylor & Shane Dawson Q & A At VidCon

Check out BrittaniLouiseTaylor who has 470,897 YouTube subscribers and is the 44th most subbed youtuber answering some questions about herself and her channel on YouTube. According to Brittani, she was on YouTube for about 3 years before she finally took off. I first spotted her in a few of Shane Dawson's videos before he really took off and finally broke down and subbed to the cupcake queen a while back. If you watch Brittani, you know that she is a genuine nutbar and interesting youtuber.

Speaking of Shane Dawson, he joins Brittani in the video below to answer a few questions from the audience. In case you don't follow Shane, I'll put a link to his main channel after the video. Actually you were probably auto-subbed to Shane Dawson when you created your YouTube channel (kidding), because Dawson is one of the most wildly followed youtubers going. He rocketed up the most subbed charts in a little over a year from about 14,000 subscribers to his current total of about 20 ga-zillion subs (actually Shane has 1,699,999 as of today).

I should point out that these 2 videos were uploaded by TheEpicWitchika and that they uploaded parts 2, 3 & 4 of Shane & Brittani's Q&A session and you should go to that link above to see those videos (and subscribe to TheEpicWitchika).

Shane Dawon's main channel is shanedawsontv and he also has another beloved 2nd channel called shanedawsontv2 where he does outtakes and answers viewers questions. Both should be on your sub list as well as Brittani's channel. So now that I've finished pimpin' these two out, I'll move on.

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