Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adrod Makes Partner - Congrats Little Dude!

I always like seeing when someone at YouTube makes partner and one of my youtuber friends just did that a few days ago. His name is (that's as in A for Aaron, D for Dominic and ROD for Rodriguez, not ad-rod or A-drod - it's A-D-Rod!). He's been uploading videos for about 8 months or so and has about 30 posted to date. He has 5,471 subs because he posts interesting creative videos.

Yes, he's a weird little dude, but I'm sure he would be the first to tell you that, but aren't we all a little weird after all? So all you other weird little dudes and dudettes, keep posting videos and commenting and maybe you'll become a YouTube Partner too. Or not. Keep making interesting videos because that's what I like to see and I'm sure that's what others want to see too.

The video below is adrod announcing he had hit 5,000 subscribers.

And don't forget that I do review the channels of those who subscribe and become my YouTube friends on my channel DellBoy010. I still review other channels even if not subbed to me, but I'll find your channel faster that way. I haven't uploaded any videos myself ("You're such a loser!" "No you're not Bradshaw." "Be quiet the both of you. You're getting off track."), but I do intend to post some ideas I have. Seeing that 16-year-old adrod can make partner fairly quickly may be just the kick in the pants you and me need to start making some videos!

Once again, congrats to Adrod for getting partner. Now let's see some more of those sketch videos! Oh yeah, and you can follow him on Twitter at @adrod94.

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