Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Gets The Star Treatment On StirFryTV

About time that they had someone on ST1RFRYTV who was a REAL YouTube star! They talk with one of my personal favorites, the one, the only, ladies & gents please put your hands together for Wheezy Waiter! (sound of crickets...)

If you don't know much of the back story of who Wheezy is or how he is suddenly becoming well known on YouTube, River from St1rFryTV interviews him and works in several of Wheezy's things - clones, explosions, beardlovers, coffee... etc etc.

What I liked was that River mentioned that Wheezy had said in one video that he had a mere 32 subscribers after having posted 100 videos onto YouTube, but he didn't give it. He now has around 350 on his main channel, as well as several more on his 2nd channel called Wheezy News. I didn't know he even had a second channel until recently and have been going through those videos.

So, Wheezy (aka Craig Benzine) had only 32 subscribers after posting 100 videos - mostly family & friends. Personally, I have 20 subs & I haven't posted any videos to my DellBoy010 channel. Will I garner the acclaim & fame Wheezy has when I finally post something? Probably not, but his story gives me (and you) something to think about. If you just keep working at it and do stuff on YouTube, eventually the hard work can pay off and maybe some YouTube fame can find you too. If you've already uploaded some videos and you are getting lost in the flotsam & jetsam -- DO NOT GIVE UP!!

I have actually been stalking, er, subscribed to Wheezy Waiter since back in the day when he had about 3,000 subscribers which isn't really all that long ago. If you go to his channel, as of today he has about 132K subs which is amazing when you think that he actually finally hit the 100,000 mark at the end of June 2010. I'm guessing he will eventually make it all the way into the Top 100 Most Subscribed List possibly sometime next year - but to do that, he needs at least 300K subs, but that is coming.

Bottom line - do not be discouraged if you are getting subs. They will come around if you keep adding more & more videos.

Below you'll find Wheezy's latest video:

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