Friday, July 23, 2010

Shaytards Invade Your Local Water Park

Shay Carl and the rest of the Shaytards clan are preparing to invade one of Utah's largest water parks called Seven Peaks Water Park <- that's a link to the place if you are considering going. First of all Shay needs to get a waterproof camera so they don't ruin their good camera. They almost did the last time Shay went down a water slide. He picks up an Olympus waterproof camera - looks like an Olympus Stylus 550.

The footage shot with the newer camera is not quite up to the HD beauty of the camera that Shay uses for usual Shaytards vlogs, but if you're taking a camera into a pool, you need to give up a little quality if you want to get some underwater shots.

Rocktard looked pretty cool when Mommytard was carrying him (love the little hat he was wearing to keep the sun off). Liked the scene where Katilette is filming Shay in the wave pool with the youngins on the raft and he holds up Babytard to wave and she is just looking off waving indiscriminately. Later we see Shay's brother Casey (and I think Katilette says her cousin, Marcell?) coming down the orange slide and Sontard - who i think is still trying to pull his suit outta his wedgie. Then the big man himself, Shay Carl flies down the slide and for a brief second I think we see a little bit too much of Shay lol.

I also liked the end when Shay was showing all the kids sleeping (including Malachi the dog) and he was explaining why this was his favorite part of the day. Not just because it was quiet, but that he felt it was the time he could relax and discussed what he thought was his number one priority - his family's happiness. All in all a good day of vlogging.

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