Saturday, July 17, 2010

Submit Questions About Dan Brown 3.0

Here's your chance to make Dan Brown (aka pogobat) your very own marionette over the course of the next year. In case you are not a regular subscriber to Dan, basically he announced at VidCon that he was planning to give his viewers almost complete control over what the pogobat channel and his own life will encompass for the next 365 day period.

He made a speech (shown below) at VidCon where he specified the parameters and limitations of what he will allow - no injury to himself and others etc., sorta like that. Your best bet is to just watch the video and subscribe. And submit questions for other subscribers to view and vote on. Hopefully only the best will rise to the top over the course of this next year, but I'm sure some really odd choices will be made for Dan. I for one will be watching.

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