Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Katy Perry Interviewed By Lisa Nova

Lovely Katy Perry gets interviewed by Lisa Nova for about half an hour the other day and Perry was asked questions submitted by YouTubers that were voted on by YouTubers. Both looked great for the interview as Perry wore a purple wig and Nova was her usual hot self.

Of course, the expected questions were there, such as if she "had really kissed a girl?" and whether she and Russell "planned on having children." There were over 400K votes cast on which questions Lisa would ask Katy and over 20,000 text and video questions submitted.

You can find more about Perry on her YouTube channel, KatyPerryMusic which has 18 videos uploaded and 135413 subs with over 92 million views.

Below you will find a behind-the-scenes video of Lisa preparing for the interview that's on her own channel, LisaNova.

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