Sunday, July 11, 2010

Uh, Oh, It's A Make-Up Tutorial By lifeaccordingtoyou

Here's a video by someone who decided to follow me on Twitter. Her name is Kimberly, aka lifeaccordingtoyou and after I spotted that she was following me, I of course thought I'd check to see if I'd follow her back by checking out her recent tweets. That's how I found out she was on Youtube and that she had just uploaded this make-up tutorial.

Now, as a guy, I don't usually check out make-up videos because make-up isn't really my forte and I feel like I'm sorta creepily stalking pretty girls like Kimberly, but I thought, meh, I'll click to her channel on Youtube (link given above). I did actually kinda like her video - I liked the little smile she had after each application of different make-up products and to be honest, I didn't mind the Katy Perry song.

If you are interested in the products used in the video, she lists them in the doobalydoo. I then also noticed that she had already jumped up to 75 subs after only about a month on this new channel of her's so I thought I'd give her a little promotion on this blog too. After all, she took the time to follow me on Twitter (her Twitter is lfeaccordingtou if you want to follow her there as well). I liked that she included a couple of vlogs when she just opened the channel so you can get to know her as a person and not just as a make-up guru in the making. She said in one tweet that she feels that she does talk on her vlogs, but not during the tutorials because it "takes away from the makeup."

No doubt she'll garner a bunch of new subs really fast because the female youtubers just love this stuff. As a guy, well, another pretty girl on Youtube? That's always a win.

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