Monday, July 26, 2010

CTFxC Orlando Gathering & Harry Potter Land

This looks like it was a fun time. There was a YouTube gathering in Orlando Florida on July 24th, and of course, Charles Trippy and Alli Speed had to pop in. The CTFxC squad of misfits were met by a throng of fans and Charles & Alli spoke before the crowd which was surprisingly large. The dudes from ST1RFRYTV (Scooter & River) were also on hand. Scooter was the guy with the funky, psycedelic flowery pants. And Charles' lovely sister Melissa and Alli's brother Justin rounded out the group.

There were some others throughout the video, including jennielovely who besides being very pretty which you can see in the above video, is actually a good guitarist and singer. I found THAT out by going to her channel and subscribing. She has a mere 1,088 subs at this point, so make sure to show some support for this talented youtuber! And check out some of her videos.

Next Charles and Alli and the group went to Harry Potter Land (actually called The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter) and they spend the remainder of the day immersed in the World of Harry Potter. Lol, Alli showed a bit of a fondness for the butter beer and as usual she was in heaven in the candy shop. And Charles blasphemed saying "It's only a matter of time before there's a Twilight Park" which brought a collective groan from the group.

One great scene was when Rory the security guy danced with everyone towards the end of the video. Awesome lol. If you see Rory when visiting the Universal Studios Park, make sure you start dancing with him.

And here's one of Jennielovely's videos just because I like the song and because she was a great tour guide through Universal:

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