Friday, July 16, 2010

TheWillofDC: YouTube Winners & Losers And Orange PJ Pants

Will has been a busy guy for the last month or so with VidCon and other stuff, so he has to try to get all caught up in one video. The vlogbrothers get a much deserved shout out for finally breaking into the Top 100 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels Of All Time. This was a bounce from the phenomenal job that Hank & John Green did organizing VidCon. They received a lot of love from those able to attend. If you haven't subscribed to them you have been missing out. Do it NOW!!

One of the surprising things I saw was that theStation2, the Station's 2nd channel was poised to drop off the Top 100 list. They are sitting precariously at number 99 after dropping from 97 the week before. TheStation2 had 295,555 and went up to 303,735 - getting only 8,180 new subs. Since the 11th when those stats were reviewed, theStation has released midimafia's catchy tune "Phamous" but have increased theStation2's sub base to 308,222, that's 4,487 more subs. Number 100 on the list is IGNentertainment who have 304,821, so theStation2 will stay on the list next week. Unless someone in the 101-102 position jumps up and snatches their spot.

But, that does mean that the bare minimum to even make it onto the Top 100 Most Subscribed List you will need at least 304,822 subscribes which is amazing in itself. Just look back a few years and 300,000 subs would have been a lock at the top of the list. This shows how much and how fast YouTube is continuing to grow. These are massive numbers kids.

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