Saturday, July 17, 2010

Charles Trippy Gets On Good Morning America, Sort Of

Charles Trippy says in this vlog that he had just heard on Twitter that an old clip from back in 2007 had made it on the television show Good Morning America. Which is cool except it was only for about a split-second. It was long-haired Trippy from about 3 years ago and I checked on his personal channel, charlestrippy, but I couldn't find the video so I can't provide a link. Note: Found the link with help from CTFxC fans FTW! Here's the video:

Classic old school Trippy!

While driving with Alli, Charles mentions the picture clue he left on an Apple computer for CTFxC viewers to find, but he learned Apple clears the memory each night and the picture was lost. He should listen to Alli (as she gloats in the car about being right lol) but they leave another clue in some plants.

Later they head over to watch Charles' sister Melissa play kick ball which looks like it would be fun - sort of a cross between soccer and basebase.

In a previous episode, Alli hid a little cow with "I (Heart) CTFxC" in a mall and challenged viewers to find it and tweet Charles on Twitter (his Twitter account is @CharlesTrippy) with a photo. It seems that someone is hiding counterfeit cows and Charles & Alli are looking at the most recent photo trying to figure out whether it's actually the real cow or not. Charles decides that in the future he'll have to put some sort of a doodle on the back of stuff he hides. What they should do is give a away a free ROFLcopter t-shirt to whoever finds these things lol.

Looking for more posts on Bradshaw's Blog about CTFxC and Charles & Alli? Click the link.


  1. Found it with google in 2 seconds...

  2. Yeah that's the one! Trippy Takeover Films ftw lol.

  3. charles sisters name is melissa not melanie and heres the link wasnt that hard to find with google... and CTFxC FTW!!!

  4. Oh DUH! That's right, her name is Melissa. I'm going to go fix that right now Thanks.


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