Friday, July 2, 2010

WHATTHEBUCK Does Eclipse! That Just Sounds Nasty

Michael Buckley does the Eclipse cast! Yes, that DOES sound pretty nasty doesn't it? WHATTHEBUCKSHOW does his unique take on the latest from the Twilight franchise: the new Eclipse movie. What does Buck think? Well...

He does have a few *SPOILER ALERT* moments and and I have to admit I laughed a bit when he mentioned Edward (Robert Pattison) asking "Doesn't he own a shirt?" about Jacob.

Gotta admit, gay or not, I don't think I ever heard a grown man SO wrapped up in the Twilight saga. Personally I haven't seen any of the these movies (or read the books). Hopefully now we can get back to what's really important in new movies: Harry Potter And The Deadly Hallows.

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