Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Sleepy John Green Admits He Likes Balls

John Green of the vlogbrothers is a little jetlagged from a long, long trip to Munich. It took only the blink of an eye in the video, but trust me, it's a lengthy trip and poor John got no sleep. Probably reminding him of VidCon when he still stayed up for an extended period on BlogTV trying to whip up the Nerdfighter community to vote for the Harry Potter Alliance so they can do good things with the proceeds with the $250,000 prize being offered by Chase Community Giving challenge on Facebook.

And yes, all that hard work paid off as HPA went over the top while John tirelessly promoted the cause, getting viewers of the vlogbrothers to take action and get friends and family to vote for them. You can read about them winning at their website: thehpalliance.org.

John also mentions that he will be heading over to London, England and then Edinburgh, Scotland next month (August 14th - London, the 15th - Edinburgh).

"Shane Dawson signed my balls!"

I liked his point about Hank (the other vlogbrother in case you didn't know) not making the title of his video "Shane Dawson signed my balls!" just to garner gratuitous views from the curious. In case you missed Hank's video, he showed off a couple of balls that Shane had signed for him from the ball pit at VidCon that you see John leaping into at the start of the video.

I didn't realize that John had a blog (well DUH, Bradshaw). John's a published author and it only makes sense that he would have some excess words for his readers as well as viewers from YouTube. His blog is at johngreenbooks.com, and I'll also add it to the blogs I am following on this blog so you'll be able to keep up on what John is up to. There are several blogs listed from Phil DeFranco, Nalts, LinzLoves and KevJumba in the lower right hand side of hey-bradshaw.blogspot.com.

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