Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wednesday Song By Wheezy Waiter

Here's Wheezy's take on why wednesday contain an over abundance of suckage. "They used to call it hump day. But now I think that's an inappropriate notion..." Deep, in-depth lyrics. Right here with Wheezy Waiter. So do you thing "Explosion Wednesdays!" (KA-BOOM!!!) should become a thing? Or is it already a thing?

I did like "If the days of the week were the Atlantic Ocean, you'd be drowning in the f'ing seaaaa!"

And what do you think about Wheezy's excellent handstand skills? This time next year he'll be doing all his videos while standing on his hands. He's an innovator like that. Only he does need to keep the Wheezy belly covered lol. Don't need to see the belly-beard.

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