Monday, July 19, 2010

CTFxC: Alli's Tender Tuckus & Music From The Omen

If you have been watching Internet Killed Television on CTFxC, you know that Charles Trippy and Alli Speed have been dropping hints about a secret getaway for the last few weeks and Charles finally lets us know where they are going. It's Jamaica! That will be nice and they are planning on bringing their camera to film their trip, so expect a lot of pictures on DailyBooth.

Did you know the song that Charles was humming in the car? I did. I knew that the song was from the movie The Omen but I did cheat and Google it in order to find the actual name of the song. It is called "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff and was used to great effect in the movie. If you want a copy of The Omen, that link is to Amazon where you can pick it up.

And poor, poor Alli has a bruise on her butt after slipping in the shower and Charles is teasing her mercilessly. I liked that when Charles mentioned that she was "already taking the Trippy name" to heart. He must have been teased like crazy as a kid lol. Felt so sorry for Alli as she tried to ease herself into the car.

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