Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catalina Boating With ijustine

I loved seeing the dolphins racing alongside the boat that ijustine, her sister Brea and friends took out at Catalina. "It's not my boat" Brea deadpans while shooting ijustine a look like she's completely bonkers.

When back on dry land (and IJ's friend Andy has recovered) they head over to Luau Larry's for some good food and stylish headgear. this was one of the few trips around California that ijustine's sister Jenna aka itsmejennae missed. Jenna actually is starting to get a fair number of sub - she now has 77,243 and 27 videos. Not exactly rivalling her big sister IJ who has 701,107 subscribers on her main channel, plus a further 272,913 on her 2nd channel called appropriately otherjustine.

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