Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CTFxC On Juggling & Frisbee Fetch With Zoe

Although I liked seeing all the VidCon stuff from Charles Trippy & Alli Speed as well as all the other folks who attended the big event, it is nice to see the CTFxC back to it's proper focus: THE DOGS, lol. Zoe & Marley at the beach gettin' into mischief. I though Marley was going to swim all the way out to the dude on the wind surfer.

Also liked seeing the attempt at juggling by Alli. Charles said he did the same thing I did: he learned how to juggle in one night. Years ago I decided I was going to learn how to juggle and because I have some degree of coordination, I did learn by tossing 3 oranges in the air. I'm no Olga Kay, who is a GREAT juggler and you can see her juggle in lots of her videos (most recently she juggled knives at VidCon). I'm at about the same level as Charles - I can juggle a little bit, but try to juggle 4 (or 5) and I'm a total clutz. Really, if you want to learn how to juggle, try with something like oranges or even 3 balled-up socks. It's all about finding the right rhythm.

Trippy also introduces his audience to the infamous Nalts (many call him "Uncle Nalts") who has been on YouTube forever and is followed by 186,985 youtubers including your humble author. Nalts also writes a great blog called Will Video For Food that i should include in the sidebar.

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