Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hank Green's Life In A Day

As part of the "Life In A Day" project, Hank Green of the vlogbrothers shows his brother John what he did over the course of the 24th of July. That included a full day of waterslides, farmers markets, thirsty dogs and some juggling.

Loved the shot of Hank's dog, Lemon, prostrate and being handfed an icecube and yes, Hank, Lemon has you both completely whipped lol. I was half expecting to see the camera pull back to show Hank fanning the dog with a giant palm leaf.

The kayaking scene was totally awesome! I wish I could try something like that. I think visiting Missoula just for the kayaking might have made its way onto my bucket list.

I liked his answer to the question: What am I afraid of? And Hank replied (while hurtling down a water slide) "I most fear that the wonderful way I live my life today will ruin life for generations of people to come." Always thinking about the planet's welfare and the wellbeing of others is one of the great things about Hank.

What I liked at the end was Hank demonstrating what he loves: he loves life and all the weird and wonderful facets that make up each and every day of one's life. That is a good attitude to have and a positive message that more should embrace.

To take a closer look at the Life In A Day Project, just click the following link lifeinaday

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