Sunday, July 18, 2010

CTFxC: Marley's Mishap & Herpes By Paris Hilton

Poor, poor Marley. Charles Trippy & Alli Speed's little dog ran into the screen at their house AGAIN, but Charles didn't get it on film. Mutt wouldn't have been able to live it down if they got it on video. It might get CTFxC a ton of views though lol.

Meanwhile, as Charles is minding the dogs, Alli takes her cousins to the mall for a little clothes shopping and schools them in Bieber Fever. Please Alli, Justin Bieber is about to get his own comic book. Don't send the girls back to Germany smitten by him too.

I had to laugh when Alli mentioned that when she saw the newest fragrance emanating from Paris Hilton and thought that it was called "Herpes By Paris Hilton." It is actually called Heiress. You can make up your own Hilton joke about that one lol. I have absolutely know idea whether or not Paris Hilton has herpes, but there were those rumors 2-3 years ago... You'll have to Google that yourself.

Alli's parents dogs put in another appearance and the whole family kicks back around the pool until Colby has her own, um, mishap. I feel for you Alli. That is one job I've rarely been able to take care of. Basically, the whole vlog was about the dogs, but that's cool. I actually love seeing Zoe & Marley's shenanigans.

One thing - Charles mentioned something more about their "trip". It's supposed to start around the 28th of July. Any speculation as to where they plan on going? I'm pretty sure that Vancouver is out, even though they've mentioned actually moving to my old stomping ground. I am thinking they are going to somewhere like the Dominican Republic or somewhere super hot. We'll have to see.

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