Saturday, July 24, 2010

Community Channel Natalie Returns & Happy Birthday

Missed seeing one of my favorite youtubers Community Channel aka Natalie Tran, who has been away seemingly for ever, but she returns with a funny story about wrong numbers. I love the line she said when the old dude called the 2nd time and started blathering on about how he was so perplexed about getting her again and that he had "punched in all the same numbers."

"It's crazy grandpa. Write that down and copywrite that shit before someone steals that story." LOL, classic Natalie. I may have to steal that story myself.

And it's Natalie's birthday and because I didn't know beforehand, I wasn't able to get her anything. Well, that is my story and I'm sticking with it. A belated Happy Birthday to Natalie from Community Channel in case you ever read this and I promise at least a card next year. Honest, I'm writing your birthday on my calendar (hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish. It'll go with the lock of hair I took from your hairbrush, but that's another story).

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