Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody M... From Mr Safety!

Have you ever heard about the legend of Bloody Mary? Basically, if you say her name three times while looking in a mirror, and turn off the lights, when you turn them back on, Mary will be standing behind you and then KILL YOU! Mha-ha-ha-ha!

Actually that is an old urban myth. You should go now and prove it is not true - IF YOU DARE (cue evil manical laugh again). Cory Williams aka Mr Safety aka smpfilms puts his own twisted spin on the story and comes up with the video above.

The funny thing is that I just watched Supernatural where the brothers (Dean & Sam Winchester) have a run in with Bloody Mary in one of the earliest episodes of the series. I wonder if that's where Cory got the idea for doing this? Very creative and kinda spooky until the end.

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