Tuesday, July 13, 2010

VidCon From SupaDupaFlyGirl's Perspective

One of my favorite youtubers, SupaDupaFlyGirl (aka lovely Liz), gives us VidCon from her perspective. I've been patiently waiting for her to upload a video because I've seen her lurking in the background in Olga Kay's various clips and she doesn't disappoint. If you want to see more of the night that Michell Davis from LiveLavaLive crashed at Olga's, here's a link to Mitchell Davis Wants To Spoon With Olga Kay!.

In SDFG's video we get to see her arrival at VidCon and Olga picking her up (there's a combo spelling trouble right there) and off to one of the early panels featuring some top youtubers: ijustine, Phil DeFranco, TheWillOfDC and Michael Buckley (from WhatTheBuckShow in case you didn't know) and shots of Olga showing off her gun dress. As I commented on SDFG's video, even as a straight hetero dude, I gotta say that dress is fabulous.

Also Liz got footage of several of the musical acts and assorted jugglers and some of Alli Speed's "Chubby Bunny Challenge" that should be up on Alli's channel shortly.


Later in a nearby Dennys, while waiting for some breakfast, she and Olga try a few odd flipcam tricks and Liz becomes all demanding, sounding Lindsay Lohan-esque, "Give me my EGGS!" Gotta admit that I love her eyes. I know it's corny to say that, but SupaDupaFlyGirl has the sort of eyes that they are referring to when they talk about "limpid pools". Hopefully she isn't totally creeped out by that if she ever reads this lol.

Here's another video she posted a few months back when she was just planning on going to VidCon and happy that she was going to be seeing a bunch of her youtuber friends. Funny but a lot of them are folks I have been subbed to for quite a while. It's something of a montage of her friends in various clips:

Really, sub to her! She seems to be a genuinely nice person that has interesting stuff to say. And she's a great photographer as well. Many layers to this interesting Youtuber!

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