Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ray William Johnson: Gorilla Suit Man FAIL! And One Mad Goat

What the heck was buddy doing in that gorilla suit anyway? Ray William Johnson's Equals Three (=3 for those who don't know) brings us another great viral video of some buddies filming one of their friends dressed up in the monkey suit (I know, monkeys and gorillas are different, jeez, gimme a break lol) and as he jumps around he pounds his head on a steel gate and just sort of stops all stunned. Is this where the term "monkey shines" came from?

Ray mentions failblog.org which highlighted the gorilla man video. And that is one arguementative goat. I'd probably bop his in the snout if he spat at me like that.

Unfortunately the person who uploaded the male cheerleader video deleted it. I wonder if it was Cubby himself? Thinking "Yes, finally, they'll see... they'll ALL see! I am an AWESOME cheerleader. Hey, did Angela give just give me the eye? Ooh, this is gonna be GREAT!"

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