Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Fred Is Being Stalked By ijustine At Target!

Lucas Cruikshank aka Fred is being stalked by ijustine and winterspringpro while he is filming a music video at a local Target store.

At first IJ and her friends can't locate Lucas anywhere, searching high & low for him all through the store, but finally spot him in the parking lot where they are shooting. My secret Internet girlfriend even gets a small part in Fred Figglehorn's video which should be up in a couple of weeks. Lucas also mentions something about a show he will have on Nickelodeon shortly.

Fred Gets A Job At The Local Tattoo Parlor

In case you haven't seen Fred's latest epic, his Mom has arranged for him to work at "the greatest place evar!", the local tattoo parlor. Here's that video:

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