Thursday, July 15, 2010

Princesstard Steals The Camera: "Hi I'm Princesstard!"

Just amazing lol. Poor Shay Carl is beat from having to edit video and hasn't got anything filmed for the Shaytards channel, but he does get a bit of little Rocktard passed out after his own tough day. Shay takes the camera up to their kitchen and before you know it he is on the bottom of the pile with various assorted tardlets layin' a beat down on Shay. He passes the camera to Sontard for a few minutes, but it's when Princesstard decides she wants to vlog that the video gets uber-cute.

Shay gives Princesstard the camera and she wanders around the house with her little face pretty much well framed and she just starts talking and talking lol. "Hi this is Princesstard and Daddy let me have this video for myself and I'm Princesstard and this is my video. My Daddy is so funny right? I'm Princesstard!" Loved it. She's a natural Shay. Princesstard is never without something to say or a goofy face to make in front of the camera and she loves getting a chance to have some fun with her shot at the big time world of vlogging. She even tried to do the voice of Malachi, the family's always sleeping Great Dane.

At the end, after watching some kids dancing on TV, Sontard gets the most manical grin on his face as he obviously thinks, that's what I wanna do!

Even when there seems to be nothing to film, sometimes the best moments happen when you hand off the camera to the kids.

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