Friday, July 30, 2010

Shay Carl Tells Princesstard About Death

Oh, this is a topic that many parents dread. Almost like discussing the birds and the bees, there comes a time when a parent has to talk to their kids about death and dying and the inevitability of each person facing the conclusion of life. Shay Carl gets told by his wife Katilette that their young daughter, Princesstard is crying because she just found out that they are all going to die someday. So Shay & Mommytard go upstairs and talk to the kids.

Shay tells little Princesstard that old people, younger people and even sometimes kids die and asks her if she wants to know what they believe happens when people die. From the bunk below, little 2-year-old Babytard pipes up "Yeah!" and we see her with a massive grin on her face. (Babytard is just sooo cute lol). Shay tells Princesstard that they believe that even after they die they'll all be together as a family which reassures her and she is smiling again.

What Will Jesus be Doing In Heaven? Sontard: "Uploading Videos"

Shay then asks Sontard about heaven and he says that they'll get to meet Jesus when they die. "What will Jesus be doing in Heaven?" asks Shay. Sontard gets a thoughtful expression and says "Uploading videos" and they all start laughing. BEST.LINE.EVER lol.

Nicely handled without becoming preachy. It's for moments like these that I am subscribed to the Shaytards.

Also, you might like the video where PrincessTard is given the camera to do her own vlog: Princesstard Steals The Camera: "Hi I'm Princesstard!"

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