Friday, July 23, 2010

RWJ: Pug-Ugly Dog Sings Batman Theme & Freaky Cows

Ray William Johnson brings us the latest in viral videos on his Equals Three show and heading the list is a little skateboard mishap caught on film when a chunky news reporter ventures out onto the halfpipe at the local skateboard park. I first thought they were going to talk to old bearded dude who was coping a feel each time a boarder zips passed, but then the reporter gets tuned when one kid is trying to skate down the side.

The 2nd video Ray talks about is the cameo from that dog that talked in the movie Men In Black. This freakish pug actually does seem to say "Batman!" several times and they made it into the Batman theme song from the old Adam West show from the 1960s, shown below:

Then, just when you thought it was safe to be out in the country, we get this weird acid trip-like video from cyriak who has these cows dancing to techno. The cows just start bopping to the music and before you know it, well just watch the video. It sorta reminds me of one of those old The Far Side cow cartoons...

The artist who created this video has a website called if you want to check out his other stuff. He does mention that "no cows were injured in the making of this video" which still doesn't help me because what about the damage to me? I'll probably never look at cows the same way again. Stupid, mutating, dancing cows.

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