Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taryn Southern Is YouTube's Hottest Nerdy Girl

Yes, I think actress Taryn Southern generates quite a bit of heat in this photoshoot, thank you very much. I first spotted Taryn awhile back as she was in some videos from TheStation when they just opened their doors and any red-blooded male would have been feverishly trying to find her channel on YouTube after seeing her. In this video, she's shown in various poses of and nerdy chic. I don't want to sound like I'm obsessing over her, but she is one of those pretty girls who can wear glasses and look even hotter.

She has been on YouTube since September of 2007 and has an audience of a mere 6,691 YouTube fans (why aren't there more folks demanding more videos from her?). She also has her own website called taryn-southern.com with lots more info about herself and the various projects she's been working on. Also, you can follow her on Twitter, she's at @tarynsouthern.

If you go to her channel (found using the link above), you'll find her funny video she made with DJ Lubel called "Wrong Hole" that features actor Scott Baio. You'll never forget it lol.

Check out her latest Taryn Southern Dances Because She Hit 10K Twitter Followers.

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